Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Friday, 15 March 2013

Beneficial Potency of Nature

we are to deeply respect and honour open intelligence as it expresses itself moment to moment – various different phases naturally will arise, perhaps characterized by different states, however the most direct and beneficial way to understand them is that they are the dynamic expression of the already present beneficial potency of nature – it serves no purpose to appraise them as better or worse, these are just learned superstitions.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

'The Four Mainstays of Balanced View Are' by Candice O'Denver

1) Training in short moments as the one key point for the accomplishment of any and all of opening intelligence's beneficial potencies creates a container within which very datum of the spectacle is indivisible and exalted. With the one key point of short moments, the experiences for the participant subsuming data as the pure beneficial potency of open intelligence are taken to the final point of completion of the great exaltation of benefit to all. 2) Training in the one key point of short moments is enhanced by the trainer's pith instructions imparted as symbolic and non-symbolic transmissions and communications, thus inexhaustibly empowering open intelligence's beneficial potencies with great exaltation. Already naturally present through the inseparability of open intelligence and data, the trainer is the showplace of all skillful means of open-ended knowledge and benefit creation, the one who demonstrates the kind of beneficial knowledge that instinctively recognizes all data as a seamless flow in both their depth, meaning their profound actuality as it is, and in their extent as the fuel of flawless exaltation. When one instinctively comprehends and realizes in accord with that and other statements like it, that is the recollection of the great exaltation, the most regal of all realizations. 3) Teaching and commenting on the treasure trove of symbolic and non-symbolic transmissions and communications within the training provide the setting for inexhaustibility in opening up exalted intelligence's beneficial potencies including feats that defy current physical, mental, emotional, sensorial and otherwise experiential laws of science and technology. The great treasury of inexhaustible symbolic and non-symbolic transmissions and communications are the speedway to exaltation of all data, including intelligence, speech, body, qualities and activities. Beneficial intelligence, speech, body, qualities and activities are liberated from data reification and freed in great exaltation. 4) The worldwide community is the environment for the Four Mainstays lifestyle to bring all people and cultures together in living the full realization of indivisible, exalted community for the benefit of all. No matter what we may undergo in terms of pleasure, sickness, injury, mishaps, including death, place faith, trust and confidence only in the Four Mainstays. Go to any lengths, without half measures, and the great exaltation of benefit to all is your only reality. Always instinctively realize that data are open intelligence's beneficial potencies, that you are the intelligence of pure benefit subsuming data as the fuel for empowering life satisfaction, flourishing and the benefit of all. Inexhaustible open intelligence has always been and will always be

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Mind Expanding Interaction

Concerned, I inquired as to the health of my teacher. She responded lovingly with “The body, as you well know, has beautiful tales to tell, all of which are exaltation of open intelligence's great benefit.” Wow, thank you Candice, for your unique potent peace and perspective!

Monday, 2 July 2012


insights are like precious gems, yet when we find ourselves dwelling on an insight we had in the last moment, yesterday or a year before, right there, we can relax once again exactly where we are and realise that our well-being does not depend on our reigniting any insight at all, well-being is not dependant on anything.

The Way It Is

you are the unquestionably beautiful unfolding of nature, exactly as you are, a simple and beautiful being who has no requirement for the self-attack of assuming any imperfection within yourself.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Full Spectrum of Innate Benefit

We can be very open minded, gentle and unassuming - being fluent as we may be in discerning our psychological patterns, and yet, not limiting our scope to those reference points, relying rather on simple openness. Resting naturally for short moments, we neither adopt nor reject our assumptions about the way things are, assumptions about ourselves and our experience, and with this innocence and openness, we begin to see that every variation of human experience is like a different aspect of the spectrum of innate benefit. This can only start to be seen when we remain simple and at ease, allowing our experience as it is, unrejected, no longer covering over with philosophical band aids and correctional antidotes. Short moment by short moment we find increasing conviction in our natural state.