Monday, 21 December 2009

Spontaneously Self Illuminated Reality

Sitting again in my room at home, it's funny to notice that everything changes and nothing changes. I go and do so many things yet the basic fact of the here and now just blazes unchanged. Regardless of how much or little effort is made, success' or apparent failures incurred, it all joyously amounts to what it has always been - ungraspable, spontaneously self illuminated reality, profoundly satisfied exactly as it is.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Short Moments of Openness

Leaving ourselves without assumptions, belief systems or agenda we are just as we are - open and free of any type of victim hood whatsoever. Circumstances, complaints, problems are seen to be so only if they are presumed to be so. For short moments many times, what a gift it is to recognise this as our own experience!

Although habitual viewpoints continue to arise, in relaxed openness they are not accepted or rejected and so there is effortless non-distraction in their immediacy. As no one way of seeing things is held to or avoided, multiple ways of seeing the same situation are all free to arise, giving a balanced view and deeper sensitivity and skill in any given situation.