Saturday, 2 July 2011

Affliction Equals Intense Beneficence

It is such an all-encompassing relief to leave afflictive states completely unrejected – it is only when we allow this, while not getting lost in descriptions, that we discover our power and stability as being inherent and invulnerable.

As long as we insist that our power and stability are vulnerable in the face of the changing display of thoughts and emotions, then we are busy all the time trying to sort them out.
When we take short moments to rely on Open Intelligence, relaxing all efforts to reject or emphasise, then we find with increasing certainty that we never needed to waste our precious potency in trying to fix the flow of experiential data. When relying on Open Intelligence, we increasingly see through the life we have described to ourselves and to others, and find that what was always pervading everything was the beneficence, luminosity and openness of the intelligence of the universe, rendering its display in unending timeless unity.

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