Saturday, 26 March 2011

Spontaneously Respectful and Beneficial

My first experiences of Great Freedom amounted to the single biggest shift in my life -in terms of my sense of the potential of human society to exist in a spontaniously respectful and beneficial way. The first few Open Meetings and teachings showed me that this was not just possible, but already in reality, as demonstrated by the founder and committed community of this recently-born Great Freedom organisation.
before this, the possibility that I may one day find this kind of culture to actually be in full swing, demonstrated by normal people in an everyday uncontrived way, had never so much has crossed my mind - so to suddenly be confronted with it was like winning the lottery, and yet seemed even less likely, and incomparably larger in its worth. It was the most surreal, fortunate and life changing event of my life!

Since then, my fortune has not wavered, having had all the support I could ever wish for and seeing with great rejoice, in myself and in my wonderful friends in the community, an increasing familiarity with this spontaneous altruism as being the natural state. When one leaves their experience unadorned with beleif systems or assumptions, then its expression is naturally altruistic. What a discovery! On a wide scale, the consequences of this discovery could potentially bring about a quality of society never seen before, and in those who are open and have discovered the Four Mainstays of Balanced View - it already has!
I feel totally blessed in every way, and to share that blessing with so many others is indescribable!
Thank you Candice!

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