Wednesday, 16 March 2011

We Each Choose What Kind of Society We Have

The foundations of a culture of gratitude and respect for the well-being of all, lives in the core of each person, in the form of their deepest longing.

With just a little open mindedness, such a prospect is irresistible when there is exposure to its possibility through the example and invitation of others who are demonstrating a society of mutual benefit for all, in their everyday actions, words and decisions. It is so important that such exposure is made available to everybody, and the necessary bridges of communication put in place to make the fundamental natural perfection of everything experientially accessible to any person from any background, either via face to face or virtual communication via the internet. This way, by the simple power of each person's commitment to living a life for the benefit of all, an entire world can see that it is possible, and an actual society that is based on gauging everything according to what will be of most benefit to all, can emerge naturally.

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