Friday, 22 April 2011

Looking at Death with Naturalness and Responsibility

31.01.11 Young Person's Clarity Call
Clarity in Everyday Life, Ch.12 - 'Illeness, Aging and Death' : Commentary by Silfan.

Ultimately, the most fundamental way of being ready for death is in coming to know the inseparability of all appearances; the indivisibility of reality.
This serves us on the deepest level whereby we feel ready for absolutely anything, including death. There is an instinctive knowing that it isn’t that we are separate individuals going through life being assaulted and humiliated by points of view, but that actually the expanse of uncontrollable points of view is us. We are not being assaulted by it- we are it. Knowing that deeply within ourselves is the most fundamental way to be prepared for death, or to be prepared for anything, and this is what we allow ourselves to recognize or gain familiarity with when we take short moments to rely on clarity.

Practically speaking, preparing for death by having all wishes and preferences laid out and documented - like what to do in terms of funeral, possessions, money and decisions of care during and after the dying process - can make the time as easy as possible for the people who are left behind. They can then also feel satisfied within themselves that they are really honoring your wishes, and not just guessing at what you would have wanted to happen.
When somebody dies and these things haven’t been clarified beforehand, in some cases it can be that the people left behind feel in disagreement with each other about what the deceased would have wanted. This can lead to unnecessary fall-outs and difficulties for people in a time that is already intense.

So I just wanted to share my experience with making these preparations, which I began to think about when Candice recommended this in a few of her talks. I decided to start putting pen to paper, writing things down as they became clear- on how I would like the different aspects of my death to be arranged. I found that there are also helpful websites on the Internet that lay out the requirements to make such a document legally valid. Just in the last couple of weeks I’ve more or less come to finish it. Although it did make total sense to do these things, now, having actually done it, I am suprised how profound it feels - it is a deep rest to just be ready, for my sake and for my friends and family's sake, which is why I am moved to share about it.

What wonderful support we have when we allow ourselves to gain confidence in clarity and learn from the people that we can see demonstrate the ultimate well-being of clarity in all aspects of their everyday lives, including the totally natural and beautiful inevitability of death.
It is wonderful to enjoy the repetition of the teaching in the Balanced View texts, audios and videos, where this ultimately relieving clarification of what we are is re-versed in thousands of different ways; ways that click clarity recognition into place in all of its subtle nuances and qualities. We increasingly know our nature exactly as it is - always, already free, inclusive of everything, beyond birth and death.

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