Friday, 8 April 2011

Meeting Candice O'Denver

I was waiting, together with about 80 other people, in an attractive circular hall in Rishikesh, India, where a person called Candice O'Denver was scheduled to give a talk and present a teaching on actualising the vast potential of the human mind. It would be the first time for many of us, and the atmosphere, partly, was tangeable with doubting, questioning, and almost an impatience to debate. I sat fascinated to see what would happen - how could one deal with walking into a room so dynamic with expectation, and not always openness?

After some minutes, Candice entered the room........
She was completely worry free, worry free to an extent that you could actually feel her peace, there was not a trace of concern in her, nothing..... She simply stood smiling at the whole room for a minute, with a potency of freedom and a tangeably deep and spontaneous care for all beings that silenced every single one of us.
In no rush, without saying a word and before even taking her seat, she had answered every question in the room, pre-emptied all debates and soothed all doubts without them even finding their way into vocal communication. I was just astonished.

This was my first direct experience of an order of intelligence housed in a human being, that went far beyond anything I had ever whitnessed before, and yet, it was displayed with an air of total naturalness. It was literally life changing just whitnessing this right in front of my eyes, some part of me always suspected this level of potently beneficial being was possible, and available to all of us - and finally I had met somebody in whom it was instantly obvious, and who was offering every moment of her life to creating the opportunity and necesary support to bring anybody interested to the same discovery of potent benefit within and without themslves.

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